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Our Mission

Our cybersecurity professionals ensure that our customers' computing environments are functional and beyond mission-capable when needed most.

Products and Services

  • System Security Engineering: We deliver tailored security planning, implementation, and integration guidance for leading-edge and traditional federal acquisitions.

  • Risk Assessment & Authorization: We help our customers implement tailored risk management to obtain, maintain, and evolve their system authorizations. 

  • Cybersecurity Test & Evaluation: ​We design new cybersecurity approaches, frameworks, and metrics for our clients' most complex systems.

  • Creators of the Air Force's Rapid Cyber and C2 Security Assessment & Authorization Program.

  • Designed the first Continuous and Fast Track Authorization processes for AF Weapon Systems and Rapid Cybersystems.

  • Developed a novel software authorization process for third-party tools migrating to secure DoD environments, which was adopted by programs such as the AF's Digital Engineering Platform as a Service.

  • Designed and codified new software security guardrails for software-only authorizations for the DoD software development lifecycle; recognized as a security best practice by the DoD's Risk Management Framework (RMF) Working Group.

  • Security advisors and blue team assessors for Cloud One, the preeminent Air Force cloud and platform service solution provider.

  • Performed trusted roles (SCA-R, AODR, Purple Team) for the AF Enterprise IT as a Service as it outsourced critical network components.

  • Developed security strategy for integrating industry and DoD security best practices into the AF Armaments Cybersecurity Branch.

  • Provided cyber policy, security engineering, and risk assessment to critical Air and Space Force software factories, including LevelUP, Kessel Run, and Kobayashi Maru.

Security Innovators:

Trusted Advisors:

Success Stories

Available contracts

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 Partner on Defence Techical Innovation Center (DTIC) contracts

BMCS and our trusted partners utilize DTIC contracts to offer best-in-class cybersecurity expertise and innovative solutions. 

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GSA Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)  contract

BMCS, an industry leader in cybersecurity consulting and applied research, is ready to deliver exceptional services under the GSA HACS contract

Capability Statement

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